While I was in graduate school, I was working on a memoir about sacrificing my procreative life for a creative one. I was so busy trying to reconstruct what when my 17-year old daughter came crashing into my life as a full-time (rather than weekend) responsibility, I totally missed an opportunity.

What I should have been doing is documenting what was going on when she moved in, all the drama of adjusting to having a teenager in the house and all the changes necessary in order to make my life about more than just me.

Instead, I was just keeping a little journal about my challenges, but primarily I kept writing about the past. By the time grad school was over, I realized the error of my ways. It would have been far easier to write in medias res and flashback the decision 15 years earlier when I decided to relinquish custody and then intersperse other flashbacks as they were relevant to what was happening then.

In the last week, I’ve moved from South Florida to Los Angeles, and I’ve realized that rather than try to work and write around the hardships of another transition, it would be better to be Zen about the experience and write about it. Really immerse myself in the now.

So here’s my new blog: Mountain of Dreams.  I’m hoping the one mountain becomes a whole range…


So whaddya think?

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