Stuck in a rut? I’ve been thinking a lot about the connection between writing and movement. In my journal, I was considering how yoga had changed me during graduate school:

Also, stretching my lower back, particularly in downward dog, accessed something that no therapist ever had. It unleashed emotions I didn’t know I was holding. I spattered my blue rubber mat with tears. As my body was freed, so was my thinking. As my emotions were released, so was my creativity. I was astonished at the changes I saw in myself. Others noted the differences, too.

And then trolling the blogs today, I found a piece by Kelly Barnhill, who writes about how an accident injured her dominant leg and she began favoring the other.

And you know what’s weird, once I started favoring the left, my writing changed. I began thinking in images. My use of language became more intuitive, impulsive and rhythmic. Metaphor made more sense to me than explanation. I embraced surrealism, fabulism, the fantastic. I became this writer. And, barring any more car accidents, I’ll likely stay this writer.

So what are you waiting for, writers? If the physical impacts the creative, then don’t just sit there cursing your writer’s block or formulaic writing. Get moving in new directions, physically. You’ll find yourself in new places, creatively. Makes sense.


So whaddya think?

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