I was introduced to a lovely concept in yoga teacher training this weekend: We tend to think of ourselves as moving through the world…but what if the world moves through us?

It’s how I’ve been approaching some of my writing — as a moving meditation where I listen to the wisdom of the universe (or God) and just try to write down what comes. It seems like an ironic contradiction — that we should verbalize what comes to us in silence — doesn’t it?

Terry Wolverton, one of my mentors, shares her ideas on this subject in her blog Writers at Work (read the whole entry). She asks some interesting questions:

Where do we gather the wisdom, the depth that is so needed in our blathering culture if we are caught up in the same pressure to constantly blather?What if our measure were not how much did we produce but rather, what is the quality of our ideas? Not how many pages did you generate today but, instead, what is the most important thing you have to say and have you explored it fully before you said it?


So whaddya think?

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