After seeing how yoga changed my creative life, I had an idea! Why not teach a combination yoga and creative writing class! So I recently completed 200 hour yoga teacher training at Santa Monica Yoga. The training included anatomy, alignment, philosophy, and practical teaching experience. And now I’m leading a workshop called Creative Flow, which is a combination yoga and writing experience. Here’s the course description:

Consciousness meets craft in this course that uses ancient principles and practices to stimulate modern, creative writers of all genres.  Students will be guided through movement designed to develop focus, draw inspiration, stimulate imagination, and manifest creativity. Each session will include exercises on the mat and on the page as we focus on aspects of writing (character, imagery, voice, pace and rhythm) and develop creative attributes (compassion, awareness, discrimination and discipline). Participants share their new work in a format that allows for supportive feedback.  This course is for every body — stiff or limber, young or old, beginners or experienced practitioners.

If you’re interested, let me know. The current class is full, but I’ll be starting a new one in the spring. I’ll notify you with the details, if you’d like.


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