Move like Millie.

Every day on Facebook Millie posts a picture, a snapshot of her life. Sometimes it’s her feet in the clouds. Sometimes it is the slinking colors of sunset across a desert sky. Or a flower that opened, fresh and amazed like a baby’s eyes, taking in Everything for the first time.

Because a thousand words are often not enough, she writes a poetic reflection to accompany the pic
ture. A meditation on the moment in the photo, which entered her heart through the senses. Her writing is a spiritual practice.  Her body, her body of work, dances however it’s moved. The dance enters her. She becomes the dance; the dance moves through her and moves on, and a new one enters. Sometimes the dance is stillness.

Millie comes each month with her yoga mat to the park, and we write together beneath the eucalyptus trees. Their scent inspires the ritual of pen moving on paper, our minds moving collectively with the pulse in Everything.

Millie Yoga matTogether with a tribe that contracts and expands like Everything does, we honor the Everything that yearns to be experienced, that throbs in us begging to dance with us, to be written, to be loved and let go.

I’d love to write and dance with you, too.

If you can’t join me on the first Saturday of the month at Recreation Park South in Long Beach like Millie does, you can always join me in my online workshops to write and express what yearns to be expressed through you. You’ll get new writing, better habits, deeper creativity and a whole new groove in your creative life.

Check out the website.


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