When the magic is gone, everyone loses.

At a creativity conference I attended in Los Angeles, a woman came to the microphone for guidance. She was beautiful in a way that might spark jealousy in some. She was slender and tan. A scarf was slung effortlessly around her neck in a way that made her casual outfit more relaxed yet more stylish: a sign of affluence. But despite the money and the beauty, there was something pitiful about her.

“I feel like I lost my mojo,” she said sadly into the microphone.

She said she was a writer, a life coach, and public speaker. She had degrees in nursing and an MFA in writing. But the accomplishments were no match for her depression.

“I don’t even know what I want to do anymore.”

Watching her, I realized that a person can seemingly have it all and still not have “it,” that ineffable inner power that animates us and fills us with dynamic energy and creativity.

Mojo is flowing… must be the water.

I had been in a similar state before. I had gotten so busy with the mundane demands of my life that I wasn’t tending to my creative flame. That’s why I started working Practical Magic for my writing, because I needed my mojo back. I needed the spark that made me feel excited and alive and let my writing life thrive.

Using the principles of magic I began to  integrate my everyday, practical life with my creative life, and my mojo returned. I became more aware of the inspiration and support that surrounds me so that I felt awake, alive, and magically charged.

When the woman at the creativity conference starting paying attention to the nudging of the universe to write about boundaries and faith, she came alive again, too. She found her mojo.

Pay attention. What has the universe been nudging you to write about? What themes keep coming up? These meaningful coincidences are what psychologist Carl Jung called “synchronicity” and are the stuff of magic.






So whaddya think?

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